Genre: Horror

Directors: Vincenzo Natali

Actors: Abigail Breslin, David Hewlett, Stephen McHattie, Peter Outerbridge, Michelle Nolden

Redbox Release Date: 2/25/2014

Tomatoes: 50%


MPAA Rating: NR

Format: DVD

Teenage Lisa Johnson and her family died in 1986 under sinister circumstances but remain trapped in their house, unable to move on. Only Lisa has "woken up" and realizes what is going on. She starts to feel as if she is being haunted, but the "ghost" turns out to be Olivia, a girl who lives in the house in the present day with her own family. After unraveling the mystery of her family’s deaths, Lisa must reach out from beyond the grave to help Olivia avoid the same fate. And she has six "days" in which to do it.

IMDB Rating: 5.8 Trailer Redbox Add to Wish List